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download our app on your smartphone and have your condo in the palm of your hand!

Click here and download our app for your Android smartphone.
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Logo Grupo LRS.png
Click here and download our app for your IOS smartphone.
If you need help to register to use the application, access our help tutorial on Youtube by clicking here.
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get to know the LRS WEB AND APP GROUP

Have your condo in the palm of your hand 24 hours a day!

Thinking to make life easier for our customers, we provide web access and through our application. The GRRS LRS app, in addition to making contact possible, also brings the information of your condominium to the palm of your hand. There you will find:

We are a family owned and operated business.

- your condominium fee slips

- minutes of the meetings

- condominium rules

- interactive balance with transparency of accountability

- party area reservations

- condo notices and announcements quickly and easily

- easy communication with GRUPO LRS and with the manager of your condominium.

Watch a short presentation video of our application and see how we can make your condo's day to day uncomplicated.
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